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How Blogging Benefits SEO- Reasons

April 4, 2019

SEO Search engine optimization

What comes in your mind when you come across the word ‘blog’? Perhaps, a way to put your experiences into word? Well, it is quite true if you apprehend yourself with the history leading to its origin. The traditional way was focused on writing daily journals in an online personal weblog. And from there the word ‘blog’ came into existence. With various innovations in marketing strategies and writing skills, blogging has now become a significant part of online marketing strategies. People are dependent on Google for search purposes which mandate for the businesses to indulge in quality content creation tactic to hold a standing in the highly competitive internet world. Blogs are on top, for being an impressive and effective part of SEO marketing strategies and reap unbelievable result for the businesses.

So, let’s be apparent of some of the many reasons that how blogging is beneficial for search engine optimization.

1- Keeps website fresh-

Updating the blogs content regularly foster in the users a sense of trust that the website provides only fresh and current information that is worth spending time on. An outdated content dismays the users who immediately lose trust and interest in the website. Google ranks the websites and shows them on the search results on the basis of great content. Thus, perpetual blogging helps in search engine optimization because Google also prefers fresh and current information to be displayed in its search results.

2- Keeps longer user engagement-

Long blogs shown in the search result with links directing the users to the websites, stand preferable. Blogs providing the information a user is looking for experience longer user engagement on the website. Though Google has other set ranking algorithms to decide the best content to be displayed at the top of search engine results, yet it is undeniable that Google imparts value to and pay heed to the websites which are able to engage people for a comparatively longer duration of time.

3- Helps target long-tail keywords-

SEO is highly competitive therefore, many renowned brands try to use more relevant and longer keywords in their content. Such longer keywords which are searched by the people are called long-tail keywords. Blogging supports this intent which is very helpful for the success of SEO strategy. Generally, the keywords used by the people total to 3-4 words and are not reliable to be used in the content on the product page. But blogs subsume such long-tail keywords very easily and eventually enhance the quality of the content which can now be displayed when user search for longer keywords.

4- Helps use internal links-

Internal links are easy to create for it is for your own business website. Non-inclusion of internal links will lead to the failure of SEO strategy. Although it is possible to add internal links on the web page yet including these links in a blog post will bring the enhanced opportunity to get high rank on the search engine results. By adding several but inter-related links in a blog post directing the users from one page to other, is unambiguously noted by Google while ranking the websites. Businesses use anchor text while adding while adding internal links in the blog to signal Google that what the page the link is directing to displays.

5- Helps earn external links-

Unlike internal links earning external links to your website is a hellacious task. However, it is not completely impossible to get external links. Creative, relevant, and fresh blogging which answers what people actually want to know, is relied on by other sites to link back to your websites. As a result, Google sees your website trustworthy and authoritative.

Whether it is longer user engagement on the website or earning external links, blogging has been an asset for search engine optimization companies. While connecting with the audience emotionally, blogs are extremely useful to benefit SEO services.

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