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Common Mistakes of Internet marketing and SEO

March 20, 2019

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing works along with other channels of marketing to catch up with the dynamic business environment. It has become conducive for businesses to market their brands and products on an online platform to attain massive audience reach. Internet marketing is one of the many branches of electronic commerce, which means the marketing efforts using web and emails to generate high sales lead through electronic channel. Internet marketing is complementary to traditional marketing channels like television, radio, newspaper, and magazines. Internet marketing can be classified into three different categories i.e. web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

E-commerce websites, affiliate marketing websites, promotional or informative websites, online advertising on search engines, and organic search engine results through search engine optimization (SEO) summon up to make web marketing. Sending emails to existing and prospective customers as a marketing and advertising effort is called e-mail marketing. Marketing by posting videos, pictures, and written content on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn is known as social media marketing.
SEO is a web marketing strategy that works on increasing the number of traffic on the website by using quality content and reliable keywords. Although, internet marketing tactics have the potential to be unethical that jeopardize the business’s future. There are certain mistakes that are conducted during internet marketing and search engine optimization that need to be addressed and dealt with caution.

1- No quality content

Google takes pride in enhancing the search engine outputs by ranking the websites on the basis of the content it displays. Google ranks the content on the basis of:
a) Quantity and quality of social links
b) Quantity and quality of inbound links
c) Grammar and spellings in the content
d) Text formatting
e) Content length
f) Outbound links
Marketers and advertisers are advised to pay heed to improve the quality of the content by using the intellectual approach while creating the content.

2- Unnatural inbound links

Internet marketing attains success depending on an impressive strategic SEO link building campaign. Inbound links are preferred the most by Google as ranking algorithm weighs inbound links the heaviest. Links pave a way to your websites and having more links possesses higher chances of getting myriad of the audience. Thus, the link building process is very crucial and needs an immense knowledge of search engine algorithms and when and how they change. Unnatural and manipulated inbound links tend to cause great damage in the long-run.

3- No constant involvement

Internet marketing is a long term tactic and should be avoided for short-term marketing purpose as it can imperil the businesses. Just like the stock market, that requires constant watch at the upward and downward trends of stock prices, SEO strategy also demands constant involvement for being updated with the changes in the search results algorithms.

4- Low-quality spam tactics

Several low budget businesses pursue cheap SEO services which do nothing but spam their websites with low-quality irrelevant content. Such SEO firms lure the businesses with their inexpensive organic services which are of no benefit to the business. It is better to avoid seeking SEO outsourcing services with low-budget. Since SEO internet marketing strategy reaps long-lasting benefits, making a bit more investment will not go in vain.

5- Limited or no professionals

Internet marketing is a dense and vast concept to be handled by one or few people. Businesses must escape giving the responsibility of online marketing to limited people. To create excellent content for internet marketing, business should hire professional writers or editors to achieve quality content. Or businesses can outsource these services to an agency or any social media marketing firm that are well-equipped with expert professionals.
What can be worse than investing in a manipulative internet and SEO marketing strategy? So, if you are looking for promoting your brand or product through internet marketing, then pay heed to the aforesaid mistakes that are common nowadays. Evaluate and inspect all the possibilities and requirements of internet marketing before starting with it.

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