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Different Google Updates & How to Tackle Them

December 1, 2017

Google algorithm Updates

Have you ever noticed that your rankings have dropped severely and the site visibility has reduced at the search engine? If yes, and you are not able to make out how this happened, then you’ve been hit by one of the Google Algorithm Updates.

A Google update can either help your site achieve top position in SERPs or reduce its ranking to a level that can gravely impact your business. No matter what, Google updates are a necessary jolt that help websites improve their quality to a great extent. These tweaks rolled out by Google can bring some serious changes to the SERPs.

However, every business would try and avoid such impact for their websites. No one would like to lose their already established visibility online and endanger their profits. Therefore, it is pivotal that every business owner is aware of the various Google updates and how to work your way through them to avoid any big hit to their site.

With SEO New Delhi, understand the 5 different types of Google Updates that may be responsible in slowing your business online. Other than that, we’ll also help you know the methods which can help you avoid their greater impacts easily.

Google Panda

Google Panda

This update is known to be the “quality-score” for web pages. The score achieved by web pages is used as a ranking factor. Note, that earlier Panda was considered to be Google’s filter rather than a ranking algorithm that may be responsible for improving/worsen the visibility of a website online. However, in January 2016 it was officially incorporated into the core algorithm of Google updates.

Now, it is regularly rolled out by Google to penalise sites that are trying to manipulate the quality of their search engine.

Our Take: Those who wish to avoid the adversaries of this update should run a regular check for content duplication and keyword stuffing on their website. Even thin content could decrease the quality score of your website. Therefore, ensure to optimize the website content to avoid this update’s impact.

Google Penguin

google Penguin updates

Penguin is known to down-rank websites whose backlinks are either spammed, irrelevant to the services of the site, or links that have over-optimized anchor text in it. In late 2016, this update was made a part of Google’s core algorithm.

For those who are a newbie to the world of Google Algorithm Updates, should know that this particular update works in real time. This means that the moment Google runs its crawler on the website, it will determine whether it is working as per its guidelines or not. In case, it is not working as per the guidelines, then site faces a penalty by Google.

Our Take: To avert the consequences of this update, it is important that you monitor your website’s link profile and regular audits with a tool that assists you to check the quality of all the backlinks generated for your website.

Google Hummingbird

hummingbird updates

Hummingbird ensures that the site is not over-stuffed with keywords and low quality content. Google gets to interpret the search queries better through this update. In fact, searchers are able to achieve an exact match for their query hassle-free.

Another aspect that makes this update special is how it ranks a page for a query even if it does not consist of the exact match keywords that the individual entered. Such results are achieved with the help of latent semantic indexing process that detects similar or co-occurring terms and brings those pages in result that may be relevant to the search.

Our Take: It is important that you expand your keyword research and target concepts rather than just keywords. This means you need to research related searches, co-related terms, and synonyms. Also, the content curated needs to be more comprehensive that relates to what a searcher is looking for.

Google Pigeon

google pigeon updates

This code name is dedicated to Google’s local search algorithm update. Pigeon is known to impact searches that are related to a user’s location. An update such as this may not seem lethal at first but is known for having graver impact on a website’s on-page and off-page efforts.

Our Take: Make sure that you complete a content analysis that gives you an idea about those factors which need to be optimized at your site. Also, for off-page, the best way to start-off is to get your business listed through relevant business directories.



This name is given by webmasters and developers for a Google update that was rolled out on April 21st, 2015. Those who still feel confused should understand that this update is responsible for ranking those sites at the top position that display well on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Our Take: Focus upon getting your site speed maximized and user-friendly across all devices. For this, you can check whether your site was mobile-friendly or not through Google’s mobile-friendly tool. You can redesign the site to make it more responsive and user friendly across all devices.

Other than these updates, you can come across Rank Brain that helps Google understand the meaning behind various queries and provides best-matching results in response. Besides this, we also have Possum that shows results as per the searcher’s location. This means that the more closer they are to a business the more likely the searcher will be able to see them in its local results.

And, finally we have Fred. This update was rolled out in March’ 2017 for websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. Those sites that consisted of low quality content and more ads were penalized by Google. This clearly shows that they are running only to generate more revenue without giving out relevant content for readers.

With these updates, it is can be really tough for some to run their campaigns successfully without getting their sites affected. However, to tackle these you can hire a professional SEO services company in Delhi to help you out. So, before you get hit by the next Google Algorithm update, it is important that you hire a professional to help you keep your campaign updated as per the latest guidelines to avoid any penalties.

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