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Why Disavowing Bad Links Matter?

December 22, 2018

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Backlinking is an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is one the facets that help in garnering traffic for the website. Not sure what is at all about? Here is the answer.

Backlinks are the links that come to your website from other web pages when your webpage is linked to other web pages. This is one the criteria that determine the ranking of your website in the organic searches. But sometimes it is infested with bad links that seriously affect your Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) and overall performance of your website. Nowadays there are different ways to get backlinks including sharing content on social media, online influencer outreach, local SEO, guest blogging and more. However, not all the links that come to your site possess good content or belong to the same niche category. Some of them are made to redirect the page to the sites that promote pornography, gambling, and other illegal activities. These backlinks are hard to detect. And excessive link exchanges also lead to the concentration of bad links as well. As it is hampering the site performance, here is the solution you need to take into consideration.

When it comes to disavowing bad links, the disavow tool of Google is the most sought after. It ensures that you have complete control over your website.

Let’s have an overview of it.

It is known that backlinks are important, and they are not that easy to get. But there are some links that win the trust of search engines like Google, end up being ranked higher in organic searches. So, everything relies on high-quality or low-quality links.  A high-quality link must meet the following criteria,

–    It must belong to the same niche category.

–    It must not have “no-follow” attribute attached to it.

–    It must come from a website which is high-quality and also has gained the trust of Google

If it meets all the above criteria, it would definitely a suitable link which will be bringing a positive outcome.

And on the other hand, a low-quality link poses the following characteristics;

–    These are paid backlinks

–    It could be the result of link exchanges

–    These are also coming from low-quality websites

These websites often contain dummy contents and exist on the sole purpose of misleading the search engine’s organic ranking.

Once you determine the link, whether it is a good link or a bad one, you need to take action to manage the link building process. The subsequent step would be to “follow” or “nofollow” the links. If a link that passes through the high-quality norms secures a position of getting a do to follow attribute and vice-versa.

Now, this is all about links that are coming from other sources. Let move on to other segments of how to create good backlinks.

Natural link building: As widely regarded as the safest mode of getting backlinks to your website, the content is devoid of any illegitimacy and naturally pointing towards other websites. This is the link that worth looking at, but you need to have quality content in order to link it to other websites. This is one of the cues Google picks up while determining the rankings.

Another aspect of natural link building is exploring the unexplored arena of social media. If your website has quality content but yet to get a backlink, this is the path to choose. Thus, you could target a large audience base.

Guest-Posting For Backlinks: Publishing blogs on other websites or guest posting is another way of getting quality backlinks. While doing so, the author has to give original articles, proper credits, images, and formatting. If the post appears to be genuine, you tend to get the link for your website. Thus, the quid-pro-quo turns into a profitable trade.

The aforesaid ways of getting quality link always bring positive outcomes. But your website might be infected with inadvertent bad links causing a decline in traffic to your website. It is necessary on your part to identify such links with the help of experts and revive the traffic flow.

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