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Hacks to Master SEO for Music Venue Websites

April 15, 2019

Gone are the days when people tend to wait for Fridays and Saturdays to enjoy good music. The scenario is replaced by easy access to every kind of music on different platforms due to the advancement in technology. Earlier the only source of knowledge about different music bands was the journalists and reporters who after covering great music weekend on Friday and Saturday used to report back on Sunday and Monday. However, several channels are now used to aware people about the prevailing music, music bands, and music icons. People if want bands to play at their music venue, want the right kind of attention from media, or draw the right crowd, have to master significant SEO skills for music websites.

Everyone now depends on Google for finding quick-fix solutions to their queries whether it is finding the latest songs or looking for the best night out options. Particularly, tourists rely on Google to find places they want to visit or finding some sort of services. And for such kind of internet users, a website should be optimized in a way that is capable of appearing on the first page of search engine results. Keep on reading to understand the most important hacks to master SEO for the effective performance of a music venue website.

1- Write blogs about music- Content writing is an essential segment of search engine optimization which uses relevant keywords and quality content to drive the attention of visitors. Blogging is a powerful tool of content writing which allows bringing more and more traffic to the website. The music industry in order to achieve a strong foothold on the internet business world and for not being left behind has expanded its marketing activities to this platform. Also, users look for reviews of different brands before purchasing anything, which makes it obvious, that they will first approach the actual website to see if they have posted any blog disclosing the reviews of people.

Beginners who have no significant idea about writing styles and pattern should check out the work of some popular bloggers. Develop your own writing style or hire a freelancer who might work as a music journalist in exchange for being featured on your website. If you have no professional experience in writing, then it is highly recommended to hire a professional content writer who will use the most searched keywords optimally in the blogs.

2- Focus more on local SEO- Owning an actual physical venue adds up to the performance of SEO. Local SEO uses keywords that are most searched on the internet by people by adding the name of the local city where physical venue dwells. For example, a keyword like “jazz shows” might not have much of an impact but by adding the city name like “jazz shows in Delhi” the website might captivate a plethora of relevant target audience and ultimately achieve a good ranking on the search engine result page. An ideal location page on a music website includes maps, opening times, and reasons for people to visit the venue.

3- Optimize the website for mobile– Sometimes, people know in advance about a live music concert at your venue and pre-book their tickets accordingly. However, most of the time people end up searching for gigs playing in the nearby area on their phone while traveling. Search engine optimization works commendably here by optimizing the websites even for mobile phones. This means, when users browse the website on their phone, they don’t have to deal with zoom in and out to make everything visible on the site.

The aforesaid hacks are important to maximize the traffic to the website and ultimate experience more visitors to the gigs. Such SEO tools and services can also be hired from SEO resellers who customize the service according to the needs of the businesses and users.

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