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SEO for Dummies

December 15, 2017

Taking your business to the next level will require a lot of efforts and investment. This is especially true for those who aren’t clear with the basics of online marketing strategies. Except, that knowledge gap can very well be covered up by hiring a professional SEO services provider who can keep a track of your campaign and how well it is reaching out to your potential customers. But that does not mean you should not care to learn the basics even then.

It is important that you get well-versed with all the latest SEO techniques and tools that track the performance of your campaign. Not only will you understand the practices your SEO experts undertake to help your rankings stay at top but also help them know what all techniques you think will be more efficient to boost your campaign’s performance.

So, if you are one those newbies who search for a guide that helps you know the SEO industry better, then the following SEO for Dummies guide can help you learn the basics.

seo for dummies

Successful Initial Campaign Set-Up

The first stage that any SEO services company in Delhi works upon is getting the campaign set-up stage completed. The foundation of any new campaign includes setting up an account in tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Webmasters.

Where analytics account will help you track the behaviour of your visitors on site and how they interact with it in general, Adwords on the other hand will help you know the valuable terms people search for online to make keyword research relevant for your campaign. Besides these two, Google Webmasters provides better insights on your web pages are performing. You also get to know various errors that need to be fixed on your site.

Complete a Thorough Site Audit

Before choosing and implementing any SEO strategy for your site, it is better to run a thorough site audit. It could help you know errors like sitemap or robots.txt missing on site, whether the site runs with both www/non-www URL, or if your site is working on a secure version or not. Learning about these aspects and working to get those corrected is the next step you need to make.

Perform Keyword Research

keyword research

It is important that you know what all your audience is searching for. Once you get to know the terms that have the most queries in Google and are searched on regular basis, it will become easier to add keywords that are less competitive and on which your campaign can rank better. You can use tools like Adwords keyword planner or Google Suggest to compile a list of keywords that help you target your audience easily.

Build a Strong Navigation On-Site

Building a universal site navigation system is necessary for you. Not only will your visitors be able to navigate through your site smoothly but search engines too will find a clear connection among individual pages and links. This goal can be achieved once you understand the reasons why people visit your site, pages they open to know your services better, and the search terms used to reach your site.

Optimize Your On-Site Content

There was a time when people use to stuff the on-site content with keywords to attain high rankings in SERPs. But with ever-changing trends of Google, such practice has become penalty worthy today. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid keyword stuffing and curate content that holds value for readers.

Other than creating content with well-placed keywords, it important to pay attention to meta-data of your site too. Do not over optimize your meta-description and title tag with target keywords. They should be created around a specific service or product page to help your page rank better in search engines.

Finally, Build Quality Backlinks

seo link building

Besides on-site efforts, it is important that spend time working towards building quality links off-site too. This can be done through various options like guest blog posting, infographic outreach, content marketing, building citations for your site on websites with 50+ DA (Domain Authority), and more. Note, that off-page efforts can also include your social media marketing efforts. Just make sure that you avoid creating links in bulk for your site. This could result in spamming your site.

You can either practice these yourself or hire a pro for SEO services in Delhi to help you achieve top results for your site.

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