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SEO Guarantee

There are so many SEO companies that are so tall in claim; but dwarf on deliverance. Though they get initial success by bringing miraculous results overnight by scams, they fail to make impact on clients as there rankings are just a fluke. We, at SEO Delhi do not do erroneous works; rather we put our expertise and knowledge to optimum use and provide guaranteed SEO services.

Guarantee is applicable if :

  • All the keywords are under one theme for example “blue widget” remaining keyword should be “blue widget for sale” “buy blue widgets” or containing term blue widget.
  • Every Keyword must fall within minimum competition range as per package
  • Client provides website access/content as per package
  • Guarantee will be considered achieved if minimum 40% keywords ranked under top 10 at any stage during the campaign process.

Guarantee void if :

  • Website is down for more than one hour at any time during the optimization period
  • Client do not provide content as per package on time
  • Client do not implement the changes as suggested
  • Client make any changes to website (minor or major)
  • Client change the hosting or if hosting/website is hacked/infected or due to mishap.
  • Site is hit by Google Update which affects more than 1% queries
  • Site is panelized by past links.

Refund :

Guarantee is applicable only as per the terms above and if we are not able to achieve the guarantee we will work for 2 months free on the client site with same keyword or any of the alternate site with same number of keywords for free. No refund in cash available only free service applicable as stated before.

What More, We are Confident Enough to Provide You Page One Ranking or We provide for Free Service.

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